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We're both professionals. Dora died doing what he loved. Cordie got these tickets for nothing. I'd love to come back next week. Having finished my work, I went home.

I have a breakfast meeting at 7:30. This could cost her her job. I hope you're proud of yourselves. Are you going to send this by parcel post? Kristine got angry with the high school students. Talking of Switzerland, have you ever been there in winter? He feels disturbed. There's something I need to ask you. I was in the third year of middle school last year.

We've got plenty of water. Come on, how often do you think a fictitious character needs to change clothes? Your eyes are bloodshot. She just got her ears pierced.

When you get a chance, check out the new restaurant down the street. They lived a happy life there. The pain was very intense. I haven't bothered checking it. If you aren't careful about what you eat, you'll put back on all the weight that you spent so much time losing. Merideth knocked Jesenia to the ground. Would you like to talk?

That suitcase isn't theirs.

I know it's unrealistic to expect Keshia to ever fall in love with someone like me. When are you going to tell her? By the time Ilene realized what was going on, the police had already arrested Jonah. He did it again. We are going to hold a farewell party for him. They filled them with straw to make them round and hard. We have work for them. It is said that he will go abroad. Melodi wanted to say more, but he couldn't.

To tell the truth, I don't like classical music. On the other hand, Molly is really into it. No one will ever forget her. I don't know why we're laughing. You're late. I heard that Annika is planning to take Ima out to dinner tonight.

Come back and see us again. I'd like to find out where our meeting will be. The son of a great actor became a good actor in his own right. I looked around for a mailbox.

You have to melt chocolate in a double-boiler so it doesn't burn. We'll continue to support Hue. Marcia can't use his cell phone here because he has very expensive roaming charges. Jacquiline woke up in the night with a burning pain in the middle of his chest.

It may be too late to make any changes now. Lots of people in Japan are indifferent to politics. I do not want to see their perverted smirks. There was a spring indeed, but it was dry. He could pass the examination, could not he? He was having fun. Danille carried two boxes into the storage room. I found out something interesting today. Numbers gave police a firsthand account of what had happened. I'm fed up with eating in restaurants.

I asked Chiquita where he had gone.

Do you think that life is but a dream? He has his trousers pressed every day. He's a vegetarian. He doesn't know what he's missing.

You must take this cough syrup. It goes against logic. The fact is, I have heard nothing about it. What an impressive person he is! (I fear) it's rather rude to speak the truth. Sammie probably knows where Judith is. They say that their language is the most beautiful in the world. The price of bananas hasn't changed much over the past few years. Bernarda slowly opened the door. This guy has tried to kill me.